Homeowner Voices

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One of homeowners voices in Chickasaw Trails subdivision v.s. Chickasaw Trails Homeowners Association (HOA). 

Chickasaw Trails HOA and their attorneys told us to pay but they don’t show us any picture where our property failed to follow their guidelines (old/new created rules) or violated (violate/violated/violation is a language of Chickasaw Trails HOA/board directors and their property manager, Shawn Thornton).  They just talk talk talk and force us to pay; even though, we agree to pay unless they show us the pictures where failed so we know what we pay for…  

Luckily, I’m around here with my dad so I have things and sources to prove.  I’m feel bad for other elderly people who are living alone and/or might be struggling with their health or battling with their diseases/terminal diseases/aging and have to deal with their HOA at the same time.

  1. We received a letter from Ryan Fong of DHN asking us to pay $1,761.27 which we do not owe – DHN | Attorneys & Chickasaw Trails HOA v.s. Homeowner $1,761.27 (10/17/2018, certified mail, 1 mail)
  2. Talk with Shawn Thornton (a manager/owner of Chickasaw Trails HOA’s management firm) about a Lawyer Letter (12/19/2018, email)
  3. A Threaten Email From Crystal Maier, DHN Attorneys, A Law Clerk (2/18/2019, email)
  4. A Threaten & Lecture Email From Ryan Fong, DHN Attorneys, An Attorney for Chickasaw Trails HOA (3/11/2019, email)
  5. Chickasaw Trails HOA brought us to court with 43 pages by Ryan Fong, an attorney from DHN on 4/12/2019 – Complaint (5/14/2019 5 p.m. by Ms. Hunt, in front of the property, 2 packages)
  6. We filled back with 14 pages without copies of complained letters from Chickasaw Trails HOA since 2010 – Answer (5/31/2019 by court of clerk, walk in, 2 packages)
  7. We received Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Final Judgment and Incorporated Memorandum of Law from Chickasaw Trails HOA’s attorney, Ryan Fong of DHN Attorneys.  (8/14/2019 by USP, regular mailing, 2 mails)
  8. We received Affidavit of Reasonable Fees and Costs & Affidavit of Reasonableness of Attorneys’ Fees – $3,310 from DHN Attorneys – Ryan Fong/Chickasaw Trails HOA.  (9/23/2019 by USP, regular mailing, 2 mails)
  9. We received Notice of Hearing 11/05/2019 (10/01/2019 by USP, regular mailing, 2 mails)
  10. We received Notice of Cancellation of Hearing on Plantiff’s Motion for Summary Final Judgment and Incorporated Memorandum of Law (regular mailing, 2 mails)
  11. We also received Notice of Filing Affidavit in Support of Plaintiff’s Motion For Summary Judgment for Injunctive Relief and Award of Attorneys’ Fees and Costs (regular mailing, 2 mails)
  12. Again, another Notice of Hearing 12/17/2019 (no visible stamp date, by USPS, regular mailing, 2 mails)
  13. Result: Order Denying Plaintiffs Motion For Summary Final Judgment
  14. Today, January 30, 2020, we just got another letter from Ryan Fong of DHN Attorneys firm – COURT REQUIRED MEDIATION – USPS regular mail in the mail box.  A copy will be posted soon.
  15. We sent a letter about selecting a mediator and date and time for mediation on January 31, 2020.
  16. Coming soon, more and many more stuffs will be posted here, on wkmg.net.  Whatever we received from them, we’ll post them all.


Evidences to fight back Chickasaw Trails HOA, attorneys, property management, board members (wrongdoing, harassment, discrimination, abuse of power…)

*According to the court record, it’s “CHICKSAW TRAILS HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION INC”, not CHICKASAW

Who are our current board directors?

  1. Adams, Mark – 9 years since 2011
    President: 2011 – present
  2. Kuberiet, Wayne – 7 years since 2013
    Director: 2013 – presentVice President: 2016 – present
    He is the one sat in the passenger seat along with Shawn Thornton searching our property for violations.
  3. Aubin, Steve – 8 years since 2012
    Vice President: 2012 – 2015, Director: 2016 – present, Secretary: 2017 – present
    I have never seen him in the meetings when I have a chance to attend, so I don’t know who is he.
  4. Jones, Yvette – 3 years since 2017
    Director: 2017 – present, Treasurer: present
  5. Woodlief, Benny – 2 years since 2018
    Treasurer: 2018, Secretary: present
    I don’t know who is he because he just joined 2018 and I haven’t been there since they forced me to accept and pay the faulty violations.