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Homeowner association –

  • “…your landscaping is protected by the Florida-friendly landscaping law. Section 373.185, Fla. Stat., states that a covenant may not prohibit any property owner from implementing Florida-friendly landscaping on his or her land. The statute further describes “Florida-friendly landscaping” as landscaping that conserves water, protects the environment, is adaptable to local conditions, and is drought-tolerant.” – Florida-friendly landscape law may protect landscaping changes – see
  • Did you know? Your homeowners association can’t prohibit you from installing and maintaining Florida Friendly landscapes. – The secret to being Florida Friendly: More plants, less lawn –
  • In Florida, state law prohibits covenants and deed restrictions from prohibiting “Florida-Friendly Landscaping,”[64] a type of xeriscaping. In spite of the law, at least one homeowner has faced harassment and threat of fines from a homeowners association for having insufficient grass after landscaping his yard to reduce water usage.[65] –

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