Did You Know?

Usually, closing to an HOA annual board member voting, homeowners get hit by complaint letters.   If you are advocated by many homeowners, then you will be on the list of target.  Homeowners come to the meeting to ask about their problems or follow some homeowners’ problems which they care.  When coming, the homeowners must sign on the signing list they are there for annual meeting so the association gets enough votes or signatures to continuing activity.

If an H.O.A. board member has a family member doing landscaping, then the entirely subdivision get in trouble with the yard – tree, landscape, grass… then everything on your yard is weed.  If he/she has a friend doing painting business, then entire neighbors’ properties have external paint problems.  Usually, before you get a violation letter, someone will stop by your house offering tree trimming or monthly yard care or house painting or lawn care or sidewalk/driveway cleaning… or you receive in mail asking you to sell the house.

H.O.A. don’t sign paperwork to let homeowners closing the selling of the house if they told the property has an issue.

You can not discuss about the issue they said the property is in violation if you are not the owner of the property.  It doesn’t matter how long you live there, 100 years, 200 years…  whether the violation is a mistake or not.

H.O.A. board members and property manager don’t let other homeowners speak for the property they said having an issue even though the neighbors see that the problem is not true.