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A big thanks to Ms. Cindy Decker, Attorney Jared Lee, Reporter Todd Ulrich and Channel 9 – WFTV. You all did a thing worth trillion dollars donation worth for the homeowners and their families… If attorney Lee need more information to support your case or anything relating to H.O.A., I can provide you my dad’s case and anything I know about other homeowners who had and are having problems with DHN Attorneys and HOA for FREE. You can reach me at

If any of you file a class action lawsuit against H.O.A. and/or their attorneys and property managers, you can contact me at; I’ll give you whatever I know about homeowners’ cases or problems or retrieve it for FREE. My purpose is helping homeowners and their families will no longer facing HOA nightmares and keep U.S.A. always a country which many people in the world dream to be residents/citizen or to live and I proud to be American who is living in the freedom country, liberty land… no communist ideology…

News about H.O.A. and their attorneys and property management/property managers:

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  • Central Florida couple threatened with foreclosure for debt they didn’t owe – see DHN Attorneys
  • Elderly blind man says homeowner’s association fined him $2,000 for weeds in his yard – see DHN Attorneys
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  • HOA property manager accused of refusing to turn over accounts, records – see
  • HOA demands elderly woman clean driveway during coronavirus pandemic – see
  • Florida man seeking damages for 9-year fight with HOA over American flag – see
  • Kissimmee property management company owner arrested, charged with fraud, impersonating officer – see
  • Property management company that hired ex-cop-turned-felon to patrol Turnberry Reserve ousted – see
  • FHP terminates contract with embattled HOA after trooper asked to trespass homeowner – see
  • Legal bulletin informs neighborhood residents of their rights after HOA tries to trespass homeowners from facilities – see
  • Ex-cop patrolling Kissimmee subdivision closely connected to HOA property manager – see
  • State reviews HOA security officer’s license after she was arrested – see
  • Community rallies behind Kissimmee army veteran in battle with HOA to fly Puerto Rican flag – see
  • HOA asks Army veteran to remove Puerto Rican flag at Florida home – see
  • Action 9 investigates HOA debt collectors – see
  • Push to revise HOA rules statewide underway – see
  • Computer theft puts HOA residents’ personal info in unknown hands – see
  • Woman admits to spending thousands of HOA funds to pay her own bills, police say – see

  • Tensions boil over as neighbor shoots neighbor in homeowner’s association dispute, report says – see
  • Soldier in Texas fighting HOA over right to display American flag – see
  • Texas man decides to paint house completely pink – see
  • California HOA removes yard signs congratulating 2020 graduates – see
  • Couple, HOA battle over flag honoring woman’s son killed in workplace shooting – see
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