As we known, if a homeowner want to sue the association or choose an attorney to represent for self, the homeowner should search the real estate attorney who specializing HOA disputes. Here are some attorneys who might be helpful for the homeowners.

  • Stage Law Firm, P.A., 2295 South Hiawassee Road, Suite 402, Orlando, Florida 32835-8748, (407) 801-5105, We got the name of HOA attorney Barbara Stage from channel 9 news video “Elderly blind man says homeowner’s association fined him $2,000 for weeds in his yard.”
  • Lippman Law Offices, P.A., Baldwin Park Center, 4767 New Broad Street Orlando, FL 32814, (407) 648-4213,,, attorney: MarkLippman. We saw him in one of local media video when they reported about Casey Anthony’s parents property issue. We think they conduct meetings via Zoom, Skype and Facetime.
  • Justin Clark & Associates, PLLC, 500 Winderley Place, Suite 100, Maitland, FL 32751, 321-282-1055,, 9:00am – 6:00pm Monday – Saturday. We saw him in one of channel 6 programs about homeowner disputes.

If we choose an attorney, for sure, we’ll pick the one only represents for the homeowner, not for the association ever.

Because not many lawyers are specializing in homeowner disputes, so we will search more for you from previous homeowners vs the homeowners association cases.

The best way is we must be our own lawyer first and then get help from a real helpful lawyer. That will be win-win for sure.