Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some helpful questions and answers and information from STAGE LAW FIRM, P.A. PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF HOMEOWNERS ACROSS THE STATE OF FLORIDA, you can go to there to get the answers.

  1. Do associations have to provide a property owner with a copy of any and all records?
  2. How long does the association have to respond to a request for records?
    Can the association charge me for copies or charge me for inspecting the records?
  3. Does the association have to provide copies of emails between board members of the association?
  4. My property contained only deed restrictions when I purchased it and now my neighbors are trying to form an association and charge dues. Is this legal?
  5. My association claims records that records of wages and salaries are personnel records and not subject to disclosure. Do we have a right to see how much our association pays employees?
  6. I have a dispute with my homeowners association and I heard that if I file a lawsuit against the association and lose, I have to reimburse the association their attorneys’ fees and court costs. Is this true?
  7. Florida Homeowners Association: FORECLOSURE * FINES * NOTICE * RESERVES * RECORDS * THE MONEY * FIDUCIARY DUTY * SUSPENSION OF RIGHTS does not represent or advertise for Stage Law Firm, we just see these helpful questions which most homeowners ego to know, so we share to you.  If we found other grateful questions and answers, we will do it the same.